Microsoft Details How Backward Compatibility Works In Xbox Series Consoles

With a month to go for the launch of the Xbox Series consoles, Microsoft has now talked about the much anticipated backward compatibility mode in a recent Xbox Wire post.

Besides the many terms that you might expect from a technical post, four main points have been discussed within it, which relates to Auto HDR, how games run with significant boost for some titles, improve textures filtering (a unique thing within console gaming) for all games and how it’s all working within the hardware itself.

Thanks to the new hardware, both Series consoles can now enable Auto HDR for both Xbox One and backward compatible games, improving the visual quality without actually touching the original graphics.

The games will also have an increase in framerate and performance as the Xbox Compatibility team are working to make games like Fallout 4 (shown above) run on a higher framerate and states that games will load faster than it’s Xbox One, 360 or even original Xbox counterpart.

All thanks to the upgrade in Hardware within both consoles, like the new Zen 2 CPU and custom RNDA GPU from AMD, making it run better without any need of a boost mode or downclocking.

In short, it looks mighty impressive so far and the games you’ll play come November will look amazing in 4k or 1440p.

Xbox Series X and S releases this November 10. You can read the full technical blog here.

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