Metal Slug Returns As A Tactical RPG In Metal Slug Tactics

Remember Metal Slug? The fantastically beautiful run-n’-gun shoot-’em-up has been long dormant for a while, but has now returned in a new form.

Revealed at the Summer Game Fest opening broadcast, Metal Slug Tactics is moving away from side-scrolling to become an isometric tactical RPG.

Published by Dotemu (now masters of reviving long-dormant IPs) and developed by Leikir Studio, Metal Slug Tactics bring the same aesthetic, characters and charm into a new game genre. The pixel art on display in the trailer looks good as expected.

Marco, Eri, Fio and Tarma returns, but now you have to think before letting loose the hail of bullets.

Think of it as Metal Slug meets Into The Breach- it’s strategy tactics, but with roguelike elements thrown into it.

Fans of the series and purists might have preferred a more straightforward revival rather than a genre change, but this looks interesting nonetheless.

No release date for Metal Gear Slug Tactics yet, and is only confirmed to coming to PC via Steam so far.

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