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Marvel’s Spider-Man Now Available For Pre-Order In Asia

For a Sony-published AAA game, it's cheaper than expected


Marvel’s Spider-Man, the PS4-exclusive game by Insomniac, will be out on September 7th. The game has finally been made available for digital pre-orders.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Limited Singapore Branch (SIES), a.k.a. Playstation Asia, has announced its availablity alongside its retail price. In Malaysia, the standard edition will only be RM209 for the retail copy. The digital version is, as it should, cheaper- it’s only RM199. Game copies that are usually in the $60 USD tier have often translated to somewhere around RM220-RM230, so this is relatively cheap.

Digital Deluxe Edition and physical Collector’s edition is also available for pre-order.

Insomniac’s take on Spider-Man is not based on any existing versions of Spidey- it’s an all-new take with a focus on improvised combat and parkour manoeuvres.