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Mark Cerny Shares First Details Of The Next Playstation: Backward-Compatible, 8K Support And A Faster-Than-Ever SSD


Details of the next Playstation has been passing around as rumours, but today there is now a report, sourced officially from Sony, on what to expect for the next-generation console.

Wired spoke to Mark Cerny, the system architect of the PS4, PS4 Pro and now what is only referred to as the “next-generation console”, and has revealed some pretty insightful details of its innards.

It’s confirmed that the CPU will use AMD’s third-generation Ryzen CPU (7nm, 8-cores) and a custom variant of AMD’s Radeon Navi GPU. These two are powerful enough to support up to 8K gaming and will also able to use ray-tracing, something that we’ve seen on PC. Support for 3D audio within the system is also confirmed.

But the biggest deal Sony is touting with the new console is built-in SSD storage. And not just any off-the-market SSD currently available. To demonstrate it, the fast-travel feature from Marvel’s Spider-Man was shown in which a PS4 Pro took 15 seconds to fast-travel, where the new Playstation would take only 0.8.

And yes, the architecture remains the same as the PS4 meaning it will be backward-compatible with the PS4. You can play all your PS4 games on the next Playstation, which, if nothing else changes, should just be called the Playstation 5.

Expect to see cross-generational games as the new console enters the market, And there will still be physical discs. It is also confirmed not to be released in 2019.

But the fact that we have been given some concrete information like this is showing that the next generation of consoles is looming closer than ever.

Source: Wired