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Malaysian-Made FPS/RTS Hybrid Eximus Dropping To Steam Early Access In September


How often do you see FPS/RTS hybrids these days? Not as much, but Malaysian-based developers Ammobox Studios is giving the genre mashup a go with their first game, Eximus.

The 5V5 multiplayer FPS powered by the Unreal Engine may look like your typical Call Of Duty-styled aim-down-sights shooting at first glance, but what it offers more is the Commander role. Commanders do not just issue orders, they also help deploy units assets to help win the fight, such as turrets, tanks, and power armour (or as it called in-game: Battlesuits) for players to gain an edge. It’s a more active role compared to, say, Commanders in the Battlefield series.

At the Game’s Developer Conference 2018, Ammobox announced that the game will be headed to PC via Steam Early Access this September.

It’s good to see more local indie developers are starting to make relatively big bets with its game ideas. Between this and Re:Legend, it’s exciting to see how the games will shape up to be.