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Malaysian FIFA Team INFINITE Now Under The Flash Vision Family


Today marks a new landmark move by Flash Vision Esports. Notable for their contribution in the Fighting Game Community with players for Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 and more recently for the upcoming Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, Flash Vision is now venturing outside of the genre and has now picked up a FIFA roster. Not to be confused with FIFA Online 3, the free-to-play version o EA’s FIFA game published here by Garena, the roster focuses on the current console release of the latest FIFA games.

The lineup of team INFINITE will now be sponsored by Flash Vision, which has the backing of various brands including Armaggeddon, eGG Network, Geniysis Esports and Geek Empire.

With this change, their official tag will now start with “AMG.FV | TI”.

The players are:

1. AMG.FV | TI_RaFa (Team Manager)
2. AMG.FV | TI_aRamiS (Team Captain)
4. AMG.FV | TI_ArmaNis
6. AMG.FV | TI_Samorai
7. AMG.FV | TI_aLii

Team INFINITE is well known in the local FIFA community, with wins in various local tournaments. The lineup used to feature¬† Amirul “AmTuah” Afandi, one of top FIFA players in Malaysia.