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Malaysian-Based Game Dev Streamline Games Announce Unbound Oceans

A new IP in the works


Malaysia-based developers Streamline Games have announced a new IP in the works. Well, new-ish, it seems. We knew the studio were working on their own IP codenamed Unbounded the last two years, but now it has taken form with a new name: Unbound Oecans. Several concept arts are available on the official site, including one we have seen when it was still only called Unbounded.

No new details about the game is available just yet at the time of writing. However, a look at the official site reveals a blog where the team posts about game development and other behind-the-scenes going-ons as they are developing this entirely new IP. A good read if you like to understand how games get made.

One post is by John Flannery, who we got to sit down with and talked about Streamline Studios a while back.

Streamline Games are also making a free-to-play mobile game, Night Streamers, which we saw and played at VAX 2018 months back. Rest assured the developers are pretty busy at the moment, which gives a good sign of a growing game development industry here in Malaysia.