Magic: The Gathering’s Latest Expansion, Shadows Over Innistrad, Now Available On Magic Duels

Expansions are common in trading card games, so this comes to no surprise. But the latest expansion of Magic: The Gathering, Shadows Over Innistrad, has just launched both in its physical card form and its digital one in the way of its free-to-play game Magic Duels. Looks like Wizards of the Coast are doubling down on the videogame version to have the expansion released simultaneously.

Shadows Over Innistrad brings the more gothic horror theme that has appeared a few years back, and introduces new game mechanics as well to keep things fresh.

Check out the trailer below for some tease of the lore coming with the expansion:

We’ve attended a pre-prerelease media event and got to see the card game being played by the local Magic community, and spent some time playing the Magic Duels equivalent early. Expect some more impressions of Magic Duels in the future. You can download it now on Steam to try it out as the update for Shadows Over Innistrad (and also Oath of the Gatewatch, the previous expansion) has now gone live. For now, it’s a fun (and cheaper) way to learn the game before committing with it.

Also, the artworks featured are oh-so-lovely.

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