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Love Esquire Is A Visual Novel/RPG Where You Play A Lowly Squire That Must Not Die A Virgin

Developed by an indie team from the Philippines


Visual Novels and RPGs are plenty to go around these days, but Filipino indie developers Yangyang Mobile has something interesting in the works. Yangyang Mobile previously worked on a disturbing horror visual novel, but their next game takes on a more tongue-in-cheek, sexy take on a familiar trope called Love Esquire.

Love Esquire has you play a lowly squire and you have a hard time limit before you have to join a great war which you probably die in. And before that happens you need to get laid.

There are five potential ladies to make them your waifu and you need to “git good” by increasing your stats if you want a chance to woo them. But with time at a premium, managing your day to juggle between stat building, spending time with potential loved ones and go out on adventures is key.

Along the way, you will also be doing some RPG-style combat, but you only control the squire who is there to provide support to his knight, who will do the heavy lifting.

Yes, there are also “ending scenes” as you expect from these sorts of games, but nothing full-on (private parts are not shown, but the game is open for modding in the future).

Love Esquire is already long in development with a target for a PC release on Steam by later this year or mid-2019 the latest. The developers are putting out a Kickstarter campaign to fund the final stretch of development with a target of $10,000 USD. A playable demo is available to download as well.

There are a few interesting stretch goals too like having the game full-voiced rather than partially as it is right now and animated backgrounds. Plus, sharing the word about the Kickstarter will unlock a harem route, if you want all the waifus at the same time.