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Life Is Strange Developers’ New Game Vampyr Coming Out On June 5


When we first heard of Vampyr, the game by Life Is Strange developers Dontnod, it was supposed to be out late last year, but it was further delayed. Now, there’s a new release date.

While Life Is Strange is an interesting narrative-focused adventure game, Vampyr is an action RPG with combat mechanics, more in vein of the studio’s first game Remember Me. But set in Victorian London, and you play as a vampire.

As Dr. Reid, you will face many moral dilemmas- you need to help the people that is suffering through a plague, but you also need to feed on them to satisfy your vampiric needs.

The date announcement came from a webseries documenting the behind-the-scenes work, with some gameplay being shown.

Vampyr will be out on June 5 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.