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Life Is Strange Developer’s Latest Game Is Vampyr


Dontnod has made sci-fi action games with Capcom (Remember Me), and an excellent episodic adventure game  with Square Enix (Life Is Strange). It looks like for their next game is again a completely new genre working with a different publisher.

Vampyr is an Action RPG published by Focus Home Interactive. You play as Jonathan E. Reid, a surgeon in 1918 London, where the Spanish flu has ran rampant and has just experienced the first world war. Somehow Mr Reid got infected and turned into a vampire and now you can explore the dark gloomy world while finding ways to feed your lust for blood. This isn’t new news, as the announcement was first made last year, with a teaser trailer released last June.

What is new however, are these screenshots what presumed to be taken in-game. All are dark and gloomy, which fits the tone they are going for, but hopefully there are shines of colour whenever appropriate.

While Vampyr is billed as an action RPG, no exact details about how the gameplay works have been given, aside from the basic explore, pick up weapons, the usual stuff in RPGs. There seems to be choices, arguably where Dontnod shines most, which you have to decide yourself who to feed on: would you kill the innocents? But how do you define an innocent person? Hopefully it translates into a gripping gameplay mechanic rather than being a simple good/bad morality system.

Vampyr is still a long way to go, scheduled for release in 2017.