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Let It Die Is Out In North America And Europe, Japanese (And Possibly Asian?) Release On February 2


The one interesting news during the Playstation Experience last month that we don’t put out is Grasshopper Manufacture’s free-to-play Souls-like Action game Let It Die being released. Why? Because the launch was only for North America and Europe. As always, Asia will have the short end of the stick when it comes to releases.

But at least we now know when the Japanese-made game is going to release in its home country.

Over on Let It Die’s official Twitter account (apparently run by a certain Uncle Death), it was revealed that the Japanese release will be on February 2. To coincide the release, a concert will be done in Japan featuring the game’s soundtrack- which features 100 different bands from Japan. That’s quite a number for a free-to-play game.

So to those looking forward to the game launching here, we now have a date to look forward to. This is only for the Japanese release, mind, and the possibility of release to the rest of Asia is just speculation on our part. But still, we now have a date for one country so the rest of Asia should be down in the line in the coming months.

Alternatively, you could just get the game with a North America or Europe account. But be warned: progress to the game is tied to the account you are using and the region you are playing. So you are locked at playing the game with that specific account and region. This should not be a problem if you play it with the account you used to download it though.

Early reports saying that Let It Die is pretty decent, though the free-to-play elements really bog down once you reach the later parts of the game. The game is continuously being worked on, with a promise of more weapons after the Japanese launch drop, so might as well wait for it to be better.