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Left Alive Confirmed Coming To Malaysia On March 5th For PS4


Left Alive, the stealth-action game made by a star-lineup of developers set in the Front Mission universe is releasing soon. And it’s definitely coming to Malaysia on its worldwide release date, March 5th.

You play as three different characters in Left Alive, with different backgrounds and motivations as they make their way out war-torn Novo Slava. It features third-person stealth-action akin to the Metal Gear Solid series, at least at first glance. And yes, you do get to take control of the Wanzers, the giant mechs that are the star of the Front Mission universe.

Physical copies will be priced at RM239 while on digital it will be RM229. However, the digital release will be one day later, March 6th. So keep that in mind.

Left Alive will also be released on PC (Steam).