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King’s League II Is Medieval RPG Meets Football Manager, Out Now On Steam


At Level Up KL 2019, Malaysian-based developers Kurechii has announced their latest game, King’s League II is out now on PC via Steam.

King’s League II looks like one of those cute, simple RPG you can play on the go and perfect for mobile. But there’s a big twist: You really are competing in a league. With proper promotion and relegation structures.

Essentially, you build your team of medieval heroes, and before each match you can spend time training, recruiting and even go on dungeon runs to make your team stronger. Come match day, you will be facing against other knight teams. A win gets two points, and the team with the highest points at the end of the league is crowned champion.

There is a story-based campaign, but there’s also a pure gameplay mode where the strategy aspects are more similar to Football Manager. But instead of figuring out if your team can work with wing-backs, you instead pick medieval character classes like archers for your team composition.

The sequel brings in a fresh new artstyle, more classes and over 100 different characters you can possibly recruit to climb the ranks of the league.

Having tried it ourseleves at the Level Up KL show floor, it blows our expectations away how deep it goes for a seemingly simple-looking game.

King’s League II is out now on PC (Steam) for RM29.90 and available as part of Apple Arcade.