Kingdom of The Dead Review – Stylized Boom And Shoot

Let us begin the month of March with yet another shooter review, this time within the realms of the indie side of gaming. The game in question, Kingdom of The Dead, feels like a stylish black and white boomer-shooters and you are correct to assume so. 

So what does it bring to the already full table of Boom Shoots in the market? Nothing fancy but there are some things that you can consider before picking up this title. 


The visuals are rather interesting with the emphasis on the black & white graphics that are paired with the blood-red when you defeat enemies and the faint orange of the fires, making it rather unique within its peers and feels rather MadWorld at times. It’s backed with a pretty good enemy design that not only feels the oldie style of the game’s setting but also compliments this style greatly.

And one thing that I like about this sort of game is the efficiency to be straight into the action after a few clicks within the menu. Just select your level of choice (thanks to its non-linear style of levels selection) and you are now defeating foes in less than 60 seconds.

Although, the downside to this all is the rather repetitive nature of the music, which works at some levels it does Wayne you down after multiple listens while you go about the levels.


Without any shadow of a doubt, KOTD plays like a much more refined classic shooter, with it being scarily accurate to the point of being able to one-shot headshot the flying enemies with your trusty revolver or even boomstick. 

The enemies do also fight back with their own firepower and the Bosses will test even the skilled players as their own attacks might even be one-shots as well. A good mix of combat pacing which just hits the right spot for me personally. 

And like any 90s style shooter, there are secrets to find where you can get more health or ammo, or even getting more powerful weapons like the Gatling Gun earlier to defeat bosses quicker than just using the revolvers and rifles. 

Though the only downside to this shooter is the iron-sights are very nauseating when you try to zoom on enemies that are moving or homing onto you. It’s even more apparent if you’re strafing while trying to zoom, and I suggest just shooting without aim sights for the more non-nauseating, more interesting way to play this one.


This is the greeting anatomy of a contemporary shooter where the levels are fully replayable on either Easy, Medium, or Hard so you can enjoy this game whichever difficulty suits you fancy on that particular playthrough. It can be either very easy to breeze through or uber-hard as well, the choice is yours to make.

Although the bosses varied from level to level, there isn’t much variation on both the enemy types or weapons to make the game feel like you’re progressing from every fight. It mostly feels like a remnant of the old-school way of playing a shooter, but without the telegraphing that you are at the end of a level, like how Ultrakill does it. But still, its content is well worth the replayability.

Personal Enjoyment

It’s always nice to take a step back and enjoy what makes the shooter genre fun when it boils down to its basic form. Kingdom of The Dead takes those same fundamentals to make a compelling game that’s one part fun, the other part solid enough to be a boom-shoot game that can be recommended. It’s pretty good albeit a bit janky for me, but I wouldn’t mind replaying this to let some steam off or even give them to a friend.


Kingdom of the Dead may not win any awards or be in the top 10s, but that’s OK. It’s a boomer shooter that works and plays well. It has nailed the aesthetic of the 90s shooters and its contemporaries to a good crescendo that perhaps makes it not really stand out from others within this genre. But if you do try it out, you might even be pleasantly surprised.

Played on PC, Review copy provided by the publisher.


Kingdom Of The Dead

A boomer shooter that works and plays well. It has nailed the aesthetic of the 90s shooters and its contemporaries to a good crescendo.

  • Presentation 8
  • Gameplay 7.5
  • Content 7.5
  • Personal Enjoyment 8

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