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Kingdom Hearts III Release Date To Be Revealed “Next Month”

It's probably to be revealed at E3


The Kingdom Hearts Premier event is over and many members of the press and hardcore enthusiasts of the long-running action RPG franchise has got a taste of Kingdom Hearts III. So far, impressions sounds good.

But if you’re looking for a release date, just hold your breath a little while longer. Tetsuya Nomura, director of Kingdom Hearts III said that it should be revealed by next month. “We do plan to announce [the release date] early next month,” Nomura said. “We are making final, last-minute adjustments, but we are pretty firm on a certain date, so we hope to reveal it next month.”

It is highly likely the release date will be revealed at E3. Square Enix is returning to hold a showcase event- albeit in a pre-recorded video form ala Nintendo, and the game can still be revealed either on Sony’s or Microsoft’s stage as well. It would be odd to not reveal it at E3, given the significance of the event in the games industry, but anything could still happen.

As it is now, Kingdom Hearts III is still set for a 2018 release for PS4 and Xbox One.

via IGN