Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Launches On Next Gen Today

Private Division has announced that Space Development Sim, Kerbal Space Program’s Next Gen version is now available for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series Consoles. With owners of the last-gen version getting a free upgrade to this version, at no additional cost.

This version, aptly titled Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition, includes upgraded resolution, better framerate and textures, advanced shaders, and many other performance improvements you would expect for the current gen. They even include mouse and keyboard support if players desire to use them.

Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition is now available for purchase for the price of MYR 179 on the PlayStation Store (40 USD for Xbox), while the KSP:EE Complete edition, which also contains both the Breaking Ground expansion and History and Parts pack, is available for MYR 269 (60 USD for Xbox).

Kerbal Space Program is also available on PC.

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