Kerbal Space Progam’s New Expansion Lets You Explore The Planets

For science!

Kerbal Space Program, the spaceship building, and navigating simulator, is getting another expansion. Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground will add exploration on the planets and run experiments on the new surface features.

There are now robotic parts that you can mess around to create new vehicle and contraptions- like spider-legs rovers to navigate uneven surfaces.

The planets and moons in the Kerbin system will be populated with mineral formations, meteors, craters and other surface features which you can collect data. Kerbins can bring out various equipment to study these with a science station.

If you have already understood the literal rocket science to get these Kerbals out to space and land on moons or planets, Breaking Ground should be a nice addition. It will be out later on May 30th on PC.

Players who bought the game before April 2013 will get the expansion for free. More details on how this will be distributed will be shared soon.

Source: Kerbal Space Program

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