Kartrider Rush+ Teased, Coming To Mobile This Year

Kartrider is a popular Mario Kart-style arcade racer IP by Nexon, with Kartrider Rush being its mobile version. Nexon has now teased a new version coming to mobile, Kartrider Rush+.

It’s a short tease, but you should be able to see its updated graphics for this entry. Take a look:

KartRider Rush+ will still be faithful to the franchise, features like options for the Kartbody, track selection, game mode, and its driving physics should be familiar to long-time fans. So right now, the main features are the improved graphics and optimised controls for mobile devices.

KartRider Rush+ will be rolling out to select countries in the first half of this year. Expect to see more teases, and more concrete information, as we get close to release.


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