Jon Shafer’s At the Gates Is A New Strategy Game By Civilization V Designer

Jon Shafer was the designer behind Civilization V, which introduces some radical changes to the familiar and popular 4X strategy game. As years past he has moved on and now making his own game with developers Conifer Games, a game seven years in the making.

Jon Shafer’s At The Gates is a 4X strategy game with roguelike elements set in the time of the crumbling Roman Empire. You are tasked to build a kingdom fit to fill the new power vacuum. The map will change as the seasons change, providing advantages and disadvantages throughout the year. Resources need to be gain and other clans, vying for the prime spot as you are, also needs to be managed accordingly.

The game features a watercolour aesthetic. Interestingly, it also has Tooltips-in-Tooltips, to help out give more information about certain aspects of the game that one tooltip simply cannot do.

Here’s the trailer:

Jon Shafer’s At The Gates is coming out on January 23rd on PC (Steam).


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