It’s Gonna Be May, and Sony’s Tearin Up Your Heart With Free Games

Like a good Justin Timberlake song PSPlus’ monthly free games just keep on coming, and this month is no different. Join PS Plus and in the month of May, Sony will rock your body with it’s monthly selection of free games, exclusively for subscribers.

If you’re still on a Choosey kick from last month’s Life Is Strange, you can saddle up because Sony’s giving out Telltale’s Tales From The Borderlands, the Choosey set in the Borderlands universe, to keep you hooked on the edge of your seat.

Not a big fan of simulating the pressures of real conversation in a game? How about a zen swimming experience with colorful marine life? The other big name on this month’s line up is the BAFTA-nominated ABZU, the dream like game about diving underwater. Sharing an art director with other super-zen game Journey, this game has no shortage of critical praise, and that’s why it deserves some breaststroke room on your hard disk.

Full Lineup for May, 2017:

Curses N Chaos– Tribute Games wants you to brew the Elixir of life, but there’s only one catch- you need ingredients. How do you get them? By fighting, of course! Play this 2D-arcade brawler and take on the wizard king’s hordes with a friend!

Type: Rider– If the phrase “I wish there was more intersection between my two hobbies: typography and videogames” has ever entered your mind, adjust your kernels and get Type: Rider. Play as two dots and explore the history of Typography in this simple yet stylish game. Never again be tied down by Papyrus and Comic Sans.

Tales From The Borderlands– Have you ever looked at the Borderlands games and thought ‘I like this world, but I don’t like this game’? If the answer is yes, you’re going to love that serial license-acquirer Telltale Games has made a Choosey based on the zany world of Borderlands. Play as Rhyse, Hyperion Loser and explore Pandora, engaging in many conversation prompts with characters old and new from Gearbox’s Looter Shooter

Abzu– BAFTA-nominated, dream-like, zen. These are the words used to describe the experience also known as ABZU. Explore the ocean made of gorgeous colors and calming music and forget your troubles.

Don’t forget, if you get PSPlus before 8th May, you can still get last month’s games for free. This month’s free games, in turn, are available to add to your library until June 7th.

So what games are you most excited for? Leave a comment below and also let us know what games you’d like to see in a future lineup!


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