Inertial Drift Is An Arcade Racer Where You Use Both Analog Sticks To Drive And Drift

Drifting in an arcade racer has always been simple and standard across most games. But apparently there is still room for innovation here.

Inertial Drift, an upcoming arcade racer, is utilising a neat new idea on how to get cars sideways. By using the right analog stick.

Developers Level 91 Entertainment is calling it the twin-stick controls. The left still controls steering inputs but the right stick now governs the angle of your drifts. No more brake-to-drift, just slam the right stick to the side.

Other than that, Inertial Drift is boasting 16 cars, 20 tracks and a very purplish night vibe in the scenery shown so far.

Intertial Drift will be out sometime in spring 2020 for the PS4, PC (Steam), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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