Indonesia-based Toge Productions Announces New Publishing Arm

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Indonesia-based Toge Productions Announces New Publishing Arm

Toge Productions, a game studio based in Indonesia, has announced its new plans to publish indie games. The studio has been making games ever since 2009, and they are currently in the works on a game called Infectonator 3.

The new publishing arm of Toge Productions will offer support funding, consultancy and help for marketing and PR of the games under the label. It will start by publishing six games by four different indie game studios namely Mojiken Studio, Rolling Glory Jam, GameChanger Studio, and Tahoe Games. All four developers are based in Indonesia.

“Toge Productions, as one of the senior studio in the country, decided that we can actually help the developers to pursue their passion and prove everyone that a game from a developing country such as Indonesia has their place in the global game industry,” explained the CEO and founder of Toge Productions, Kris Antoni in the accompanying press statement.

This marks a big push for the game industry over in Indonesia and should help the growth of the scene across Southeast Asia should this catches on. Indonesia has already produced a few breakout hits, such as the horror game Dreadout by Digital Happiness.


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