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Indivisible Teases Intro Cinematic Done By Studio Trigger


Talk about the perfect crossover. Indivisible, the 2D platformer with Valkyrie Profile-inspired RPG combat, will have its intro cinematic done by America-based animation studio Titmouse and popular animation studio Trigger, known for its stylish animes including Kill La Kill (which is getting a game next year).

Developers Lab Zero Games teased the first 30 seconds of the intro, which looks absolutely immaculate. It does not tell much, just the protagonist Ajna running through her village and to the top of a hill. But seeing how well animated it is and how close it is to the in-game visuals, which features the same styling, it sure gives hope that this could be a good one.

Also, the soundtrack? It is composed by Hiroki Kikuta, of Secret Of Mana fame.

Have a look at the teaser below:

The second game from the developers of Skullgirls was recently delayed for 2019, but when it’s out, it will be available on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.