Indie Tactical Shooter Ready Or Not Will Be Published By Team17, Coming To Steam Early Access Soon

Ready Or Not, an indie-made tactical FPS, is coming to Steam Early Access.

The game, developed by Void Interactive, will have you command a group of elite operatives breaking and entering hostile territories using an array of gadgets and tools at their disposal.

Essentially, it’s a new take of pre-Siege Rainbow Six. Before it was a multiplayer PVP game, Rainbow Six is all about the methodical steps of breaking and entering closed spaces.

Ready Or Not lets you do that, but with a bunch more gadgets to do your job. From door rammers to a mirrorgun that can peek through doors, you have quite the choice on how to approach a room. But not that much time. So you better be ready for any sort of situation.

You can also opt for a non-lethal approach to your missions too. And be wary of civilians- some rooms can have hostages.

Publisher Team17, known for its growing catalogue of indie titles (and their very own franchise, Worms) have announced that they will be partnering with Void Interactive to bring Ready Or Not to release.

If you’ve been missing the tactical FPS games of yesteryear, Ready Or Not should be on your radar. It will come first on Steam Early Access, but no date has been set in stone yet (the Steam page says it will be out “when tactically sound”).

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