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Indie Farming Sim Stardew Valley Coming To Mobile, Starting With iOS This Month


Indie farming sim Stardew Valley is coming to mobile. The game takes a dollop of inspiration from the Harvest Moon series where you tend your farm and interact with the locals in the town.

The mobile game is developed by The Secret Police, working alongside publisher ChuckleFish and CornceredApe, the original developers. The game is bound for iOS and is essentially the same version as the PC and console releases, up to version 1.3. So it has all the single-player content, but not the multiplayer component.

For iOS, it has the ability to transfer saves from PC to mobile via iTunes cloud saves. Though you should only do so if you are playing a non-modded save on PC to avoid compatibility issues.

An Android release is still in the works.

Stardew Valley will be out on iOS on October 24th.

Source: Stardew Valley