Idolmaster Heads To PC With New Game, Starlit Season

In a surprising turn of events, Bandai Namco has announced that their newest game in the Idolmaster series is heading to PC,as part of the series’ 15th anniversary.

The game combines most of the Idolmaster series’ idol groups into one roster and is set to be running on Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 4. And by the looks of the trailer, Bamco is using that technology to its fullest.

Gameplay-wise, it will be a mix of rhythm-base gameplay with a hint of managing sim, as you’ll both manage the idols and complete live stages with your girls of choice, a series staple since it’s original launch back in the Xbox 360 days.

No more solid info has been revealed just yet, besides the platform of choice but Idolmaster Starlit Season will launch on PS4 and PC via Steam sometime in 2020.

Source: Shinycolor_ENG

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