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How Re:Legend Aims To Give You A Sense of Not Just Intimacy, But Romance


A good romance system can make or break your game. No matter what the genre, games like Fire Emblem and Mass Effect have proven nothing gets fans talking like who you invited to the Love Shack*.

But the most important part of the good romance system is, obviously, the “good” part. Some games give you little more than a little text notification that this person is now your lover, with all the fanfare of collecting your takeout. If your romance is literally just a checkbox, what’s the point?

DC Gan, managing director at Magnus Games Studios, says his team is working hard with their spin on romance in Re:Legend. The game is a farming sim a la Harvest Moon, but also includes many of the RPG elements present in Stardew Valley.

While demos of the game had focused more on the farming and monster taming aspects of Re:Legend, we made sure to get a hard confirmation that the romance side of the farming sims would also be present.

“Our romance system will be there, of course,” he says. “It will be there”.

You Don’t Have To Pick A Waifu And Pray

However, Gan specified that there was more to the game than picking a waifu to shower in gifts. Rather than simply filling up a bar, he wants players to be fully immersed in the characters and their backstories.

“What we really wanna emphasize is the intimacy level where you get to know more about the story behind them. It’s not just about love, but it’s about how much you understand about this character and how much you attach yourself to this character”, he says.


It’s not just about love, but it’s about how much you understand about this character and how much you attach yourself to this character

According to Gan, the intimacy portions of the game would act more like sub-plots that you could pursue in the game. He also adds that it was important to do so if you wanted to get a better grasp of certain NPCs.

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“We do it like a side story but the NPC’s intimacy level is very important because we need to understand things behind them. So you get to see pieces of their memory, what makes their character, y’know, different. Why is this person so grumpy? Was it always so grumpy? Did something happen that makes him or her this kind of characteristic (sic)?” he says.

Gan says he wants a more involved method of getting involved with your NPCs, and he says he’s done this by leaving plenty of in-game ways to suss out what an NPC may or may not like.

“We have crafted a very deep story behind each NPC with a few certain requirements to know more about them,” said Gan.

“You will see things that they like and don’t like in the game. We have designed it that way that you would see what are their hobbies. Around their shop you might see, maybe they like fishing so you might see a fishing spot. Or maybe if they like gardening they’ll have a bigger gardening spot there. So, you would get a rough idea of what this NPC likes or don’t.”

Gan’s ambitious plans for the game come at a cost, however. While the ultimate goal for him is to have all NPCs be romanceable, the stories would have to be slowly rolled out while the game is on Steam Early Access.

“So far we are trying to get all NPCs romanceable, but during early access we will have the first batch and we will patch in”, Gan says.  “Because we wanna make sure each storyline is unique, because it is not so straightforward like ‘you give them gift, and thats it’. We want it to be more than that. That’s why we are specially crafting something unique for each NPC.”

Because it is not so straightforward like ‘you give them gift, and thats it’. We want it to be more than that.

That’s The Power Of Love

Of course, gamers are nothing if not rewards-driven, and he does promise some form of reward for the gamer who takes time out of their lives to check up on their NPCs.

“So these are the things we’ve prepared for all the characters. So the more you know about him, the more he will reveal himself and sometimes he’ll give you discounts in the shop, or sometimes he’ll give you gifts that give you buffs or passive skills that you can use in the game,” he says.

Gan also teases the presence of certain divine elements present in the game, encouraging players to look forward to it.

“We do have a pretty goddess in the game”, he says. “We will have a Goddess in Re:Legend and she is doing a lot of good things for the people”.

When asked about this Goddess, Gan told us that a considerable amount of effort was put into making the Goddess not only pretty, but an important character in the game’s world. He says that she’s also a source of perks for the player character, given the appropriate amount of effort was invested.

“She’s someone we put a lot of effort into making her a really pretty goddess and also inspiring for the whole land of Ethia”, he says. “She will give you a bunch of different perks as the relationship goes on”.

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Given everything he’s said about his goals for NPCs and romance, we naturally had to get a hard confirm on some celestial intimacy.

“You’ll know”, he says with a smile.

While we clearly won’t be romancing any Goddesses until the game’s in a more complete state, fans interested to try out Re:Legend will have the chance when the game launches on Steam Early Access August 30th.

* The Love Shack is a little old place where we can get together.