Hotshot Racing Is A Throwback Arcade Racer At 60fps

Remember the good old days of no-frills arcade racing games? Now here’s one that’ll scratch that itch. Hotshot Racing is an arcade racer developed by Lucky Mountain Games and Sumo Digital.

Previously known as Racing Apex, Hotshot Racing features purposefully low-poly design to evoke that Virtua Racing feel, and runs at 60fps in single-player modes.

Hotshot Racing also supports four-player split-screen, and online multiplayer.

You get to pick your cars (all legally distinct variations of familiar race cars), and even drivers, that also look like they came out of Virtua Fighter. It’s arcade racing at its purest, expect to pull off sick drifts (and slipstream opponents) to earn boost.

There are some modes that will be included in Hotshot Racing. Like Drive Or Explode where you must maintain a certain speed or explode, and Cops And Robbers, a high-speed game of tag where captured robbers into cops to catch the remaining robbers. There will also be your regular Grand Prix championship mode and Time Trial mode for arcade purists.

Expect Hotshot Racing to release on PC (Steam) and consoles sometime this Spring (March-May).

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