Horizon Forbidden West Heads To PC Next Year

Horizon fans (the Playstation one, not the Xbox one) on PC have something to look forward to in early 2024. The PC port for Horizon Forbidden West is in the horizon.

Developer Guerrilla has announced Horizon Forbidden West is coming to PC in Early 2024. The port is developed in partnership with Nixxes.

This should be around two years since the Forbidden West launched on PS4 and PS5.

No word whether the game’s sole expansion, The Burning Shores, will be included in the release. It’s better to assume it won’t be yet, as that DLC just came out early this year.

Horizon Forbidden West, sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, sees the journey of Aloy continues as she heads to the Forbidden West- basically the western part of the United States in a post-post apocalypse where humanity is restarting at tribal life while the world is left with remnants of the old, ancient (futuristic) tech.

If you like your open world RPGs big, Horizon Forbidden West is one of those, with so many things to do and checklists to clear peppered in with strong performances by actors.

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