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Hitman 2 Starter Pack Lets You Play The First Location For Free


Curious about Hitman 2? How about try it for free? A new version of Hitman 2 is out now that makes the first location of six available for free.

The Hitman Starter Pack is not a limited-time offer, it gives you permanent access to the opening level, Hawke’s Bay. You can play it over and over as you want, with all unlocks and progression available and saved. The save will also carry over to the full version of Hitman 2.

Note, however, that the Hawke’s Bay is unlike the other five levels in Hitman 2. It’s a really small level with just one house, served as an introductory tutorial mission. And at first go, a linear one with an emphasis on story.

The Hitman 2 Starter Pack is live now on Steam and also PS Store Asia for PS4.

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Source: IO Interactive