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Hitman 2 Adds New Level Set In A New York Bank As Part Of Expansion Pass


Hitman 2 is getting the first of two extra levels for owners of its Expansion Pass. Unlike the Hantu Port Sniper Assassin Map, this is a full, huge, sandbox map like the race event at Miami and the streets of Mumbai.

The new map, the Milton-Fitzpatrick investment bank in New York, will see Agent 47 find his way to assassinate the bank director Athena Savalas and then delve deep into the bank to obtain some data. No word on whether or not you can rob the said bank. But you do get a new sweater as part of the many new gear and disguises included in the new level.

You might even get to undergo an interview, as seen in the trailer, probably part of the many story mission paths you can take to get to your target.

Alongside New York, there will also be two new Special Assignments in Mumbai and Santa Fortuna. All of these new content are for Expansion Pack 1 owners and Expansion Pass owners, which includes Expansion Pack 1 and 2.

Expect to see the new paid content be available on June 25th, 5PM UTC (June 26th, 1AM Malaysian Time, +8GMT) on PC and June 26th, 3AM UTC (11AM Malaysian Time) for PS4 in Asia.

Source: IO Interactive