Here’s A Brief Look At Gameplay Of Vampyr

Vampyr is Dontnod’s next game after the success of story-driven adventure game Life Is Strange. We’ve reported on the first few images of in-game screenshots when it appeared, and now there’s an interview slash preview article with the developers on what the game is all about, and some brief gameplay footage too.

Being an action RPG, protagonist Jonathan E. Reid is both a medical doctor, and has also turned into a vampire in post-World War I London. The devs talk about how there’s a conflict of morality as Jonathan wants to cure the folks infected by the Spanish flu, as well as maintain survival by feeding on people, thus killing them. Jonathan will be facing other vampires and vampire hunters alike in this adventure. Hints of a crafting system, melee and range weapons plus vampire abilities were noted in the interview.

You can read the preview written by Gamereactor here for more details of the gameplay, and check out a portion of the video here to see some early gameplay footage. (The full interview video is available on their site)

Since Vampyr is slated for release only in next year, it’s understandable to see it still looking rough. There’s still plenty of time for development though, so we’ll keep you posted as it gets closer to being finished.

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