Here Are 30 Games Optimized For The Xbox Series Consoles On Launch

Microsoft has officially confirmed the lineup of games that will compliment the upcoming launch of the Xbox Series consoles in a month’s time.

Although there is no first party launch title due to Halo Infinite’s delay, these 30 games from third party developers would satisfy any player wanting to play on launch day.

Some of these games also have Smart Delivery, which means if you have a copy of any listed game on Xbox One, you’ll get the Enhanced version for free when you switch consoles.

Some big titles on this list are the soon-to-be released Watch_Dogs Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (which also launches on the Xbox Launch day), the special edition of DMC 5 (the one with Ray Tracing and Virgil), and Yakuza 7, which launches first on the Xbox systems and PC.

The list doesn’t include more heavy hitters like Cyberpunk and the new COD Black Ops as those launches a week after it, along with Destiny 2 Beyond Light or The Medium as those release in December.

Xbox Series S and X will launch on November 10, you can view the full list at the Xbox Wire site here.

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