Helldivers 2 Update Bumps Level Cap, Rebalances Weapons And Stratagems And More

A new update to Helldivers 2 has added a bunch of things, as well fixes a bunch of issues.

Patch 1.000.200 biggest most noticeable change is the level cap has been increased from level 50 to level 150. Any earned XP previously for players at the level cap will retroactively be applied, so those stuck at level 50 will see them going beyond that after this update.

There’s also a long list of balance changes. For missions, expect the escort missions where you have to escort civilians from one bunker to another (Retrieve Essential Personnel) to be a little bit easier. Enemies will spawn much furhter away, and the number of civvies need escorting is reduced at higher difficulty levles.

The negative operation effects that increase stratagem cooldowns or call in times have been decreased.

The ballistic shield, the overlooked shield stratagem, has been made more useful by having its collision mesh slightly bigger and the poses of a Helldiver holding one be less exposed.

Also, for PS5 players, the game won’t reset the loadout and tutorial prompts every time you boot the game up anymore.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Currently, Helldivers in Helldivers 2 are pushing to eradicate the Automatons in its entirely. Operation Swift Purge has been progressing well, but players have seen new enemy types upon deployment after this new patch, so beware.

Between this patch and the previous we reported, Helldivers 2 has added mechs and new support weapons in the form of the Quasar Cannon and Heavy Machine Gun. There’s also a new premium warbond.

Helldivers 2 is out now on PS5 and PC (Steam). Check out our review here.

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