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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Now Available In Asia’s Playstation Store


Better late than never. Ninja Theory’s latest game, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is now available in Asia’s Playstation Store. The game was released on PS4 on Steam back in August, and sparked some interesting discussions thanks to its “perma-death” feature.

It’s also an interesting game thanks to it being a “AAA indie game“. It has the production quality of big titles out now such as use of motion captures and hiring consultants to help portray mental illness that protagonist Senua is suffering, while still being self-published and made by a small team.

You can get it now here for RM128.

Games missing from Asia’s Playstation Store is a recurring issue. It’s not a surprise if there are many gamers in Southeast Asia has an extra R1 or R2 account just to get games that are not available here yet. Still, it’s appreciated that more publishers and developers are taking notice of R3.