Half-Life 25th Anniversary Update Adds New Content, Controller And Steam Deck Support

It’s time to party like it’s 1998. Valve is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Half-Life with a substantial game update.

The 25th anniversary now includes Half-Life Uplink, a mini-campaign only found on CDs bundled together with magazines or PC hardware of the time, four brand-new multiplayer maps designed by Valve, and content from the rare Half-Life: Further Data CD, which adds an additional three multiplayers maps and two multiplayer skins (one of its is just a skeleton).

Speaking of, two more multiplayer skins from the alpha build of Half-Life, the proto-Gordon Freeman skin also known as Ivan The Space Biker and Proto-Barney, are now added.

The Half-Life main menu screen has been restored to look like what it used to be in 1998, as well as the Valve logo intro video- featuring a man with a red valve on his left eye, the classic.

But it’s not just new content, with the new update Half-Life is now more playable on modern setups than ever. In particular, the game is now Steam Deck verified which also means the game now has controller support. The UI now scales at higher resolution, so you don’t need to squint to see the health number or the weapon select icon when playing at say 4K resolution. Widescreen support is also included.

If you never owned Half-Life on Steam, the game is free-to-keep until November 21, or until “supplies last”.

Alongside the 25th anniversary, a new documentary for Half-Life has been released, featuring new interviews from Valve employees that worked on that game, produced by Secret Tape. If you ever wondered why Gordon Freeman has a rat-tail in this game, or how the game is textured then it’s worth a watch.

The documentary also contextualises how big of on impact Half-Life was when it launched in 1998. From the often-talk-about intro sequence to the simple matter of having decals on walls when the player smack a crowbar or shoot something.

Also, Gabe Newell appeared in the documentary that gives a good quote to describe game delays: “Late is just for a little while. Suck is forever.”

Source: Half-Life

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