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H1Z1 On PS4 Already Has At Least 4.5 Million Players

Battle royale is still popular


In the battle royale space, it’s easy to see pre-PUBG titles to struggle against PUBG and Fortnite. But a free-to-play console release might change that perspective. H1Z1, the survival game which previously had a battle royale mode as consulted by PlayerUnknown himself before the whole game is turned to be centred around that mode only, has recently been released on PS4 as an open beta. The numbers has been impressive.

In just the opening day, H1Z1 received 1.5 million downloads. As of May 26th, that number is now at least 4.5 million, as confirmed by the H1Z1 Twitter account.

Current players on PS4 should have received the Blue Barbed Hellfire 4-6 as gift in their inventories.

H1Z1 has yet to be officially available via PS Store Asia, which means players from Asia who wants to jump in will have to use an account from North America and Europe (R1 and R2) to get access to the free-to-play game, a similar situation to Fortnite. Even with its limited market reach, there’s a strong interest for battle royales, especially for the price of free, on consoles.

via VG 24/7