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GTA Online’s Transform Races Out Now


It’s time to race on the land, sea and air in GTA Online. All in one race. The much-teased Transform Races are new stunt races with a twist- a change in vehicle type in certain checkpoints.

Rockstar has now detailed the first 15 races included in the update which feature some crazy back-and-forth vehicle changes. Here’s some of the more interesting race descriptions:

Separation – Start off strapped into the lovechild of a supercar and a space shuttle. Throw in a tightly-wound stunt plane and a herd of pocket-sized helicopters, and your multitasking better be up to scratch. Featuring the Rocket Voltic, the Mallard, Havok and Motorcycles.

Slalom – Whether you’re weaving through obstacles on two wheels, four wheels or two wings, the fundamental skills are the same: balance, precision, and dodging the flaming wrecks of your former competitors. Featuring Motorcycles, the Mallard and XA-21.

Slam Dunk – Line your shot up perfectly, let the pressure slide right off you, and hit nothing but net. Then watch the guy behind you screw it up by a few feet and see his flying muscle car explode on the rim. Featuring Motorcycles, the Ruiner 2000, Besra, Blazer, Hauler and Whippet.

Transform Races are now available, with double payouts for these races until October 26. More races will be added over time, including the ability to create your own Transform Races.