GTA Online’s Gunrunning Update Brings More Firepower, Arms Dealing

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GTA Online’s Gunrunning Update Brings More Firepower, Arms Dealing

It’s always fun to have access to some serious firepower in GTA Online, but we have now past the time where owning a tank is the biggest source of mayhem you can cause. With the upcoming Gunrunning update, you can acquire more weaponised vehicles now with weapon customisation, including your very own Mobile Operations Center (MOC). This moving base is modular and you can install various features including a weapons workshop, a vehicle workshop, or maybe a swanky living quarters. Even the MOC can be weaponised with mannable turrets, all pulled from a semi-truck.

But what’s the deal with all the new weapons in place? As the update name implies, you can now indulge in a bit of arms dealing to make some lucrative money. Moving the guns to and fro won’t be easy, as the cops and rival dealers will try and sabotage you along the way. You could also receive passive upgrades to research new upgrades for personal weapons, the weaponised vehicles and also the MOC. All you need is to get yourself a bunker that will enable access to most of the new content.

No official release date was given, but it should be ready sometime soon as a free update for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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