GTA Online Embraces Its Inner Trackmania With Cunning Stunts Update

If you’ve been playing GTA Online a lot, you probably dabbled with some custom-made races. Ever since developers Rockstar introduced the use of props for custom maps, the community had figured out ways to exploit it and make crazy races using floating cargo containers. The result? Something akin to Trackmania where tracks can go wild: huge jumps, loop-the-loops, wall riding, all that good stuff.

With the latest update to the online portion of GTA V, Cunning Stunts introduces stunt races where the tracks embraces all the wackiness of design seen in both community-made tracks and Trackmania. Along with that, new cars, liveries and outfits are also available along with the update.

Check out the trailer below:

GTA Online has been pretty successful. Say what you will with its quality, the fact that it still has a strong playerbase and had made millions from micro-transactions involving it is why Rockstar is dumping resources entirely for it. It looks like we will never see that single-player DLC mentioned years back.

Also, if you have no idea what Trackmania is, it’s a racing franchise about crazy tracks and people trying to best them in the fastest time possible. The series made its current-gen debut with Trackmania Turbo, which we had reviewed a few months ago.

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