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Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.06 Now Live, Adds Three New Cars And Many Changes


Gran Turismo Sport’s first new addition of post-launch content begins today with the 1.06 update. This update adds three new cars, the Shelby Cobra, the 2016 edition of the Audi R18 (Audi Sport Team Joest) and the IsoRivolta Zagato Vision Gran Turismo (pictured above).

The IsoRivolta Zagato VGT was unveiled recently, a revival of the Italian design brand’s supercar of the 70s. This current rendition is much more futuristic with its design, though many would point out how it evokes the shape of the Mach 5 from the Speed Racer movie and cartoon series.

Outside of the new cars, there are a lot of small tweaks being added. The driving physics have been slightly altered, which has a knock-on effect of the difficulty for the current campaign mode being adjusted accordingly. Campaign Mode, Livery Editor and the Scapes feature can now be accessed even when offline, though you need to connect to the internet to save all the progress.

Sport Mode gets some new additions as well. The Sportsmanship Rating judgement algorithm has been improved and SR drops during an accident is now displayed for other drivers that were involved.

There a few more small changes being added to the game. You can find the full update notes here.

Many Gr.3 and Gr.4 cars have been hit with some changes for Balance of Power. To see which cars being hit with the nerf bat or given a slight buff you can find them all here.

It’s a good step forward, and with the next update in December adding in a proper campaign like the previous GTs have done plus 12 more cars, the future looks bright for GT Sport. The game is decent, with the main problem being lack of content as highlighter on our review.