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Gran Turismo Sport Closed Beta Is Now Rolling Out To Asia, Sign Up Now


Gran Turismo Sport is slowly, yet surely making its way out after missing its initial launch window of November last year. A closed beta session has been running for a while in the US and have since rolled out to Europe. Today, PS4 players in Asia can now sign up as well.

The closed beta will allow you to race with the AI, do time trials as well as participate in Sport mode, the online racing component of the game. You can participate in daily races and unlock random cars as you keep on playing. There’s a Sportmanship ranking that keep tracks of your behaviour on the track, so good clean racing should in theory be rewarded with more races with clean drivers while those that cut corners and regularly colliding with other cars will only race with like minded players.

You can sign up now here. There’s no guarantee if you can get a spot, but it never hurts to try.

Gran Turismo Sport will be the first GT game to grace the PS4 with a focus on online racing and esports. While it may not be boasting huge numbers of cars and tracks like previous titles, GT Sport aims to improve on the quality of what it offers with better visuals and more importantly, better audio. No specific date has been announced so far, but expect to see more news as we come closer to E3.