GigaBash Adds Ultraman In New DLC Alongside Patch 1.3 Release

It looks like the party is getting bigger. 4-player kaiju and hero brawler GigaBash gets a new crossover DLC in the form of the Ultraman DLC.

The paid DLC adds four new characters to the roster: Ultraman, Ultraman Tiga, Alien Baltan and Camearra. Finally, the Ultraman at home can fight against, or alongside, Ultraman.

Ultraman can use the Spacium Beam while Ultraman Tiga can Type Change, style-switching into Multi Type, Power Type or Sky Type.

Alien Baltan can produce clones and use With Destructive Bullets. While Camearra can use deadly whip attacks and summon swarms of Shibito-Zoigers.

Curiously, the Ultraman DLC Pack isn’t available worldwide. Due to “regional restriction and licensing agreements”, the pack isn’t sold in Mainland China and, more curiously, Japan, which the Ultraman IP originated from.

The new paid DLC comes alongside Patch 1.3, a free update that adds two new features. The first is full cross-play across PlayStation, Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox and Nintendo Switch Platforms as every platform now share the same public matchmaking pool.

However, there are no cross-play parties or cross-play private lobbies- you cannot directly invite friends to a private match. But this is a step forward from having limited-cross-play where certain platforms were not using the same matchmaking pool.

For an indie game made by developers who have never released a multiplayer game before, and has not made some sort of account system you have to sign-up for, this level of cross-play is an impressive feat on its own.

Another new feature in Patch 1.3 is replays. It’s currently in beta, but you can now save and watch replays of matches. And not only that, you get access to free camera movement so you can move the camera down to pedestrian level if you want to. And there are filters which includes a News Channel filter to really leave in the dream (of living in a city where kaijus and giant heroes do battle).

GigaBash previously released the Godzilla DLC, adding four new kaijus into the game. So far, all paid DLCs are cross-over characters, with the main roster all comprised of original kaijus and heroes.

GigaBash Patch 1.3 and the Ultraman DLC is out now on PS4, PS5, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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