Ghost Of Tsushima’s Katana Is Fast, Sharp And Lets You Do Perfect Parries

New gameplay details have emerged for Sucker Punch’s Ghost Of Tsushima. A new PlayStation Blog post has detailed how the swordplay will feel like.

The post reads more like a developer diary, as it explains the reasoning and philosophy of the design on the sword melee combat. The three core tenets of the swordplay is that the katana should be fast (but maybe not too fast like a real sword swing is), the katana should be sharp (no squishy, damage sponges where every hit can be fatal) and it should be precise.

The last one leads to the developers making sure Jin’s attacks are super responsive and fluid, with slower and more powerful attacks can be cancelled at any time. There will be parries, where you block the attack just at the right time. And later in the game, you can also pull off perfect parries.

Protagonist Jin Sakai also uses stances for his sword-fighting. You start off with the Stone Stance, but later on there will be enemies like the shield-bearing Mongols who are harder to hit with this stance. You’ll need to use Water Stance for this, where Jin swipes the katana at an angle rather than just thrusting it forward.

From a gameplay standpoint, it looks like the developers took note of Nioh, which is a good thing if true. From an aesthetic point of view, Sucker Punch name-dropped 13 Assassins, the 2010 remake movie, as their reference to get the swordplay look and sound like in samurai movies.

Ghost Of Tsushima will be out on July 17 for the PS4. The game has gone gold, so it should be safe to say that the release date is locked down tightly with no more delays this time.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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