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Get Your Iced Tea Ready, It’s Time To Hunt Monsters In The Desert


The good people at Capcom have dropped a new trailer for the widely-anticipated Monster Hunter: World today. It features a new area, the Wildspire Wastes as well as a first look at some new monsters, on top of announcing the return of cool older wise.

Structurally, the Wildspire Wastes fulfills the mandatory “desert zone” requirement of every Monster Hunter game. These maps contain areas of extreme heat, which gradually drain health unless you stock up on cold drinks beforehand. The wastes also seem to have a muddy zone, the function of which we’ll get into later.

The main monster shown off is a returning Baroth. This large brute wyvern has a giant crown on its head, used for digging and flinging mud, as shown in the trailer. Another returning monster is the enemy of lock-on cameras, Diablos. This brute wyvern looks like a cross between a Triceratops and a traditional wyvern. Assuming it’s movesets are anything like previous entries, expect a lot of charging and yelling for its location.

New monsters shown in this trailer include a new Bird Wyvern (velociraptor-shaped enemies), a wyvern with a chameleon head, as well as a monster that looks suspiciously like a Lavasioth covered in mud.

The trailer ends with a beautiful shot of another yet-unknown monster, that will either be a low-rank Urgent Quest (think big boss fight) or simply a high-ranking monster to hunt.

Monster Hunter: World drops on PS4 and XBox One early 2018, with a PC version coming at a later date.