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Generation Zero Announced, Open World Co-Op Shooter From The Developers Of Just Cause

An Avalanche game with baked-in multiplayer


Avalanche Studios sure seemed to be busy as of late. They are now confirmed to be working with id Software for Rage 2 and rumours suggest that Just Cause 4 is on the way. The company also recently being acquired by movie studio Nordisk Film.

And now they have announced a new game, Generation Zero. It’s a new IP that involves a war in 1980’s Sweden. The war is against some cool looking robots. It’s an open world shooter with an emphasis on tactics that supports co-op up to four players. No need for mods like Just Cause.

Emil Kraftling, Game Director of Generation Zero describes it as a “guerilla action game”, with a lot of freedom of expression, enemies are persistently simulated so should one killed you, they will remain roaming in the same area later.

Avalanche is self-publishing the title. The Swedish-based team seems very passionate about this project- the setting itself is their own backyard so to speak, and it will be released next year in 2019 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.