Geekom MiniAir 11 Review – Modest Form And Function

A perusing of the inbox which leads to a small box arriving at the home box to be perused by This round box. Apologies for the word rhythmic but it is how we got our hands on the Geekom Miniair 11, a mini PC that with its small form and respectable power-band, could have a place within your table nook.

Review Unit Specs

First up, here are the specs for the Geekom Miniair 11:

  • CPU: 11th Gen Intel Celeron N5095 (2GHz, up to 2.90GHz Overclocked)
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 605 (3.9 GB VRAM shared with DRAM)
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4 (Expandable to 32GB)
  • Wifi: Intel Wi-Fi 5
  • Storage: 256GB SSD (Expandable to 1TB)
  • Price: RM 750 (USD 269)

Build Quality

The Miniair 11 feels sturdy for its 4-inch, smallish size, built in the sort of component materials you would expect in a laptop that might be of a higher price than this, with a nice black finish on top complementing the metallic finish all over the body. 

It’s got 5 USB ports (2 USB-C and 3 USB-A slots), an Ethernet port, and an SD Card port and the air-cooling seems to flow rather well on its behind ports, making it quite quiet to use in any situation. It’s also rather easy to take it apart if there’s any need for a change of RAM or SSD Storage via four screws at the bottom to open the internals.

All in all, the design just fits below and behind a monitor quite well that without its quite bright power button, you might not even see it at times. And I think that’s a good thing. 


While it’s quite the bare bones of a Windows 11 Pro install, it does have some benefits to it being without any bloatware once it’s outside of the box. 

So when put to its paces within the Geekbench Browser, it’s got a 503 Single-core score and 1435 Multi-core score respectively. It might not set the world on fire within the mini PC market but it is pretty well-to-do for its price point. 

And it does 4K UHD video streaming well, with our test on an F1 4K Broadcast pulling in pretty smooth viewing with little to no frame drops at all, so the MiniAir 11 most definitely can be a pretty hefty streaming machine, if you so desire.

Gaming Performance

So, video gaming. It is doable but expecting it to run the likes of Forza Horizon or Cyberpunk 2077 without the usage of Geforce Experience is like asking Ferrari to make a plug-in hybrid, it’ll never happen since it is one of those lower-powered PCs that you can get on the market.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t do games that are more on the older side or even casual games that have a pretty good legacy, our selection of games ran rather well on the Geekom, without any hitching to report off and that’s pretty good.

We’d recommend getting more storage space because its base of 237 GB SSD storage is quite small and would fill rather easily when the updates and stuff get downloaded in.

So here are the games that I’ve tested on the Geekom MiniAir 11:

  • Burnout Paradise (Original Ultimate Box version)
  • Deus Ex: Invisible Wars
  • Grand Theft Auto 3 (Original version)
  • Pentiment
  • Persona 3 Portable
  • The Sims 4

So besides Pentiment, a pretty beautiful game that doesn’t need much to run it and also released back in 2022, most of these games are a bit older than this PC itself. All of them run at around the Medium/ High settings and would reach 60fps quite well, so if you are looking for something to run the older titles, perhaps a gander with the MiniAir 11 could suffice.

And it could run the likes of Emulators such as PPSSPP and Retroarch as well, so if you feel like for some classical affair besides older PC titles, then Geekcom has your back on it as well. However, you might need to do some tinkering to make it run 60 as the PPSSPP fresh install would see only 15 frames before the tinker to make it run as smoothly as you wanted it to.


The Geekom MiniAir 11 is an interesting small PC that packs enough power to not only double as a media center, work PC, or even a server but also can be a hub for your classic video games to live again, just add more storage and you are set for life essentially.

For its starting price of 750 MYR, it could be a pretty good entry-level PC for those wanting something that just works from outside the box, no matter what your needs are. 

Review unit provided by Geekom.

Get the Geekom MiniAir 11 at Geekom’s Official Shopee page here.

Use code GEEK09202 to get RM139 on all Geekom products from the official Shopee store. Code lasts until October 31, 2023.


Geekom MiniAir 11

An interesting small PC that packs enough power to not only double as a media center, work PC, or even a server but also can be a hub for your classic video games to live again.

  • Hardware 7.8
  • Gaming Performance 8.3
  • Value 8

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