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Gear.Club Unlimited Coming To Nintendo Switch This Year


Racing fans wanting a racing game on the Swtich that isn’t Mario Kart will be please to know that the creators of the Test Drive Unlimited series, Eden Games,will release their latest racing title,Gear.Club, onto the hybrid console later this year.

Gear.Club is currently a free-2-play game on the iOS/Android platform but the game that’s coming later is promptly titled “Gear.Club Unlimited“, probably a nod to their older titles and presumably due to them removing all Freemium elements of the mobile version for a more familiar progression system.

Gear.Club mobile on the other hand,is currently a part of McLaren’s “World Fastest Gamer” program which we had covered before,and shows that the game is quite solid in it’s current mobile state. We can’t wait to see what Eden Games could do with the additional power of the Switch.

You can view the teaser trailer down below.