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Garena To Showcase A New Mobile Game Coming To Southeast Asia At FV X SEA Major 2018

"a new mobile game, the latest release from a classic, 30-year-old franchise"


FV Cup, now FV X SEA Major, is known to be the premier fighting game tournament in Malaysia. Evidently so this year as it is part of the Capcom Pro Tour for Street Fighter V and Tekken World Tour for Tekken 7 pro circuits, with a long list of top internationals coming in to join. But this year we also see three mobile games from Garena sharing the stage with their own esports tournaments on the first day of the two-day event.

Arena Of Valor- Garena’s MOBA co-developed with Tencent will have a 1v1 challenge whereas Free Fire: Royal Rush, their battle royale offering, will have a 26-squad, 104-player tournament fighting for a piece of the RM12,000 prize pool.

The most curious is the last game, which is yet to be revealed. Garena described it as “a new mobile game, the latest release from a classic, 30-year-old franchise”. eGG Network presenters Danelie and Faraz together with EVO champion, top Street Fighter V player and professional memer Xian will be demoing it for the first time.

The header image above features the three games, which is part of a media invite image we received. Can you make out the last game with that silhouette tease on the far right?

Whatever it is, it shall be revealed this weekend. FV X SEA Major will be held on July 14th-15th at Battle Arena Malaysia, Jaya Shopping Centre, Petalling Jaya. Other games to be included are Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, Clash Royale, Injustice 2 and King Of Fighters XIV.

The event will be broadcasted on Astro’s eGG Network channel 808. The new game preview will be revealed at 3.40PM, July 14th.

UPDATE 13/7/18: After taking some time on figuring out on what might be this new game, we may have a guess. It’s possibly Contra. There was a Contra mobile game launched in 2016 by Tencent, which Garena has close relations to. The teaser art looks fairly similar to the art for the Contra mobile game. The first game in the series was in released in 1987 for the NES- that’s roughly 30-years since. We will know soon enough if it’s true.